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I setup a LAMP server on my desktop Ubuntu install for testing web applications. How do I set it to only run when I tell it to rather than at startup? It is not used as a production web server but instead for testing PHP scripts I write before pushing them to my public

Remove from start up:
sudo update-rc.d apache2 remove
sudo update-rc.d mysql remove.
Start at will:
sudo service mysql start
sudo service apache最佳回答 · 15This will start Apache, MySql and ProFTPD.
Just write this in terminal :
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start.
gksu is not working for me.6If that doesn’t work, try removing them forcefully.
sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
sudo update-rc.d -f mysql remove.0

How can I start xampp? After the installation there was no shortcut created on the desctop, now I am unable to find it. I am using the latest XAMPP for Linux 5.6.30, 7.0.15 & 7.1.1 The panel started right after the installation, but I am unable to find out how to start

First of all you need to install gksu with the following command: sudo apt-get install gksu
Then, run: gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/xampp-co最佳回答 · 32You can use one of the commands below. If you use a 32-bit system: sudo /opt/lampp/manager-linux.run
If you use a 64-bit system: sudo /opt/lampp/m21In this post I explained how shortcuts actually works Firstly gksu should be installed in Ubuntu. Run the following command to confirm if it is i6Follow the below steps: Install gnome-panel to be able to create launcher: sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends gnome-panel Run the below c3Your missing a module that python requires, gtk .
GTK is used to draw the GUI. This command might do the trick: sudo apt install python-gtk2
Wh2To create a launcher on the Desktop: 1) You need gksu so if you don’t have it yet, run in terminal: sudo apt-get install gksu
2) Run gedit (or a0You can make a shell script also. Open vim editor vim Xampp.sh
Then go to insert mode by pressing i and enter the following code #Shell Script

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But this approach no longer works. Starting from Ubuntu 16.04, we have to add all necessary lines including the comment section. If you get above warning messages or XAMPP does not start automatically when system starts, check the /etc/init.d/lampp